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Mental Health First Aid is extremely important in one's life after experiencing a traumatic experience. Having the ability to speak and engage with a licensed psychologist, therapist, or life coach is essential to our psychological well being. Please watch the following video which is designed to help us accept the support we need after mental or emotional trauma. -  

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 If you are struggling to find time, space, and energy for yourself, YOU-time starts now. Dear Shanita: Self-Care Support for the Weary is here, helping you eliminate stress with self-serving support.

Authored by certified transforming life coach Shanita Liu, this advice column fields your questions and struggles related to self-care and offers compassionate, keep-it-real advice so that you can ditch your depleted state and move into excellence. Feel free to reach out today! 

Therapy and Straight Talk

Talkspace is the world's leading online therapy company. Talkspace has been used by more than one million people, and we have 2000+ therapists on our platform. We're quickly showing the world that therapy and technology are a great combination! Feel free to reach out today! 

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As part of the City's ThriveNYC initiative, the NYC Health Department is offering free Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training to all New Yorkers. This is an eight hour training offered seven days a week in all five boroughs. MHFA is a groundbreaking public education program that teaches the skills needed to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental health and substance abuse challenges and crises. Enroll in a course near you below. Feel free to reach out today!

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Connect with ThriveNYC today for an awesome outreach team visit to your site! Register with them this resource today!

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A therapist is standing by and ready to listen to you in the midst of your crisis at TalkSpace. They are only a text away!

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We all need someone to connect with as we embark in our personal journey towards self care. Connect with a life coach today!